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Tempact helps to manage emails automatically imported from Gmail. Features like Email Grouping, Deadline, Todo lists and all this in easy drag&drop UI can boost your productivity...

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Save your time with Tempact

Track your emails

Work with your emails in nice visual board with intuitive drag&drop system.

Plan your work

Set status, deadline, or make whole todo list for each email in your inbox.

Have your data archived

Your comunication history with all notes and are archived.

Secure & Private

Your data staying secure thanks to SSL encryption. The whole app is also designed to not save any unnecessary informations, Tempact is not saving any content from your emails so you don't have to worry about your data.

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Easy setup


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With one click in few seconds. It's for free - no aditional information is needed.


Prepare board

Create any number of columns representing each status in your workflow.


Enjoy the app

Now you can browse throu your emails faster and easier than before. Ready, set, go!

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